Friday, November 5, 2010

Thoughts on things and stuff

Focus, totally OP in short fights where I can just blast Bestial Wrath right off the bat. I think I pulled 11k soloing old dungeons, no buffs, arcane shot spamming (with a side of kill command) on those short fights. Yeah, just BOOM, you be dead sucka. Though I would love to get my Boomstick back.

Ferocity Pets, they just WRECK mobs. Especially as BM. I've been running around with a tenacity pet for so long that I forgot how much damage they actually dish out. 12k kill command crit by Rage (Loq, spirit beast), without the proc or Bestial Wrath going. The only time I've gotten that with Bjarn (bear pet) was when he had ALL his procs/buffs going. Man, BM is awesome again and I'm loving it. Plus the new skeels we have to work with (Focused Fire, the new form of Kill Command, and Fervor), it's a lot less "spam steady shot" than it was in days long past, and much more interesting. Good times, I'm loving the BM right now

On that note, I'm an achievement ho. And keeping in mind that I can't really raid currently and missed out on a lot in the early era of 80s (Naxx and Ulduar) along with the "I don't really PvP, like ever." thing, I think I'm doing rather well. I'm at, what, 7160 points? That's pretty decent, I remember when I was just shy of 3k. That was a long time ago...

I'm at 90 mounts, hoping for 5 more from old dungeons/raids I'm soloing (keyword: hoping), maybe some from the Argent Crusade thing as there's 7 more I can get from there, so we'll see, I'd like to get the 100 pre-cata, but that's kinda unlikely. Got my Wintersaber rep done. Only 2 outlands reps I'm not exalted with (excluding the scryers, I'm not THAT crazy...Q is though) and they're both endgame 25man raid reps. Same deal with Vanilla reps, all I've got left are the Brood and the Waterlords as far as 'cheevos goes. But dangit, waterlords is slow once you get revered. I should still get the Goblin Towns to exalted, that'll put me over the 40mark with some give and take to switch my Oracles rep to Frenzyheart and get those achievements.

Still working on Thunderfury, guild Legendary Achievement would be nice to have... (Which also means I want Thoridal...and the Warglaives on my Rogue....and heck, Sulfuras on my DK, but those ones probably won't happen, whereas I'm actively grinding for Thunderfury)

Gaaah, 1 tabard away from my Tabard of the Achiever! And I'd have it already if I had the honor for it! *sigh* well, guess I'll just grind something out sometimes soon...(which I'm actually doing quite actively. Yay grinds? Sure, we'll go with that.)

And I know I've said this before, but Vanq is back, again! He's got a shiny new computer to boot! I'm glad he's not cooped up in the middle of nowhere again, it's always good to have him around. Everybody loves Vanquishor.

Anyways, enough chit-chat, time to find me some mounts...hopefully.



Carrie said...

If you've got the green or purple Illidari tabard, you can delete it and get the other color from the tabard vendor in Dalaran and it will count as a new one. That's how I got mine :)

Good luck with mounts, that blue dragonhawk is sweeeeeet!!

Tox said...

That's a brilliant idea! Now I don't have to spend honor points (which are few and far between for me) on a silly tabard! Thanks a bunch!

And after tonight I'll only need 8 more mounts (7 of which are obtainable through the argent tourney...which will take approximately 32 days for me to get everything I want, which'll take me in through a about a week of Cataclysm, but I'm not one for those "server firsts" anyway, I plan on enjoying my leveling experience.