Monday, August 22, 2011


...That's not a real word.  Transmogrification is though! And is exciting news!  I can cover up ugly pieces of gear that don't match with good looking pieces of gear that don't match!  I get to bust out the good old Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes and Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle!  But crap! I'm gonna have to gather the stuff to make the shoulders again, 'cause I sold them for EVER ago. I'm in the middle of compiling a good looking set to wear on a regular basis.  And no matter what happens, that gun will be in it.  Best.  Gun.  Ever.

Aside: You know how long ago that I posted the "One down" thing?  Yeah, I've seen that same binding drop for Tox at least 4 times now.  And the other one has dropped for Franny.  And they both dropped on the same night for the wrong toons....I was peeved to say the least.  It's now become a race between the two to acquire the second binding.  I have a gut-wrenching feeling that Franny'll get 'em first, and that irks me to no end.  Oh, and Q's gotten both of them when running solo.  And she can't use them.  So.  Annoying.  And we have yet to have anyone in the guild see an eye drop from Raggy.

Okay, other stuff.  So, fun fact, Fann (who was a good friend of mine back in the BC days) is back!  3 year hiatus?  Sure.  Was she still on my friends list?  Yes.  Yes she was. And is.  And is now in my guild and prospering. I think.  Lemme double check, I haven't actually been on in a while, something about my bank and visa screwing something up yadda yadda and my subscription expired during that time, so yeah, fun times.  Anyways, Fann's back! Yay!  And I gave her bunches of stuff!  And she thinks she owes me something or some crap like that, but she totally doesn't 'cause it's just what I do for friends!  Yay!

So yeah, winning, friends back, MC still hates us, we've been downing stuff in Firelands, I was actually in on our two first kills (which is shocking, 'cause I never get first kills), I'm an occifer again, other good stuff.  Still the Designated Driver, and I think I should probably say hello in vent or something...I'm gonna go do that to make sure that they know I'm not dead.

Anyways, that's pretty much all I have to say,



Sam said...

I love transmog!

Anonymous said...

gnome power pew pew

AudioHolics said...

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